Bregenz already has “Festival Fever”

As soon as we have finished this year’s festival season with “Carmen”, we have begun work on next year’s festival play “Rigoletto”.

Exactly one month after the last Carmen performance, we have started planning the video content for the opera Rigoletto: the play on Lake Constance’s Seebühne (floating stage) for the 2019 festival.

Our team will be producing video and picture content for the Bregenz Festival for our fourth season. Every year, we accompany ten different artists and employees of the Bregenz Festival in the video series “Artist Entrance”. In the series, we provide around two-minute videos to provide a little insight behind the scenes of the world’s largest floating stage.

The Bregenz Festival has already published our first production for the season: the Rigoletto Program Trailer 2019.


Rigoletto Program Trailer 2019

We use the Rigoletto subject as a basis and animate the individual elements with dramaturgical keywords from the opera. For added emotion, we combine these animations with our drone imagery of the production. Of course, with a sunset like this, the decision to buy tickets is a lot easier 😉 produced floating stage projections

One of our biggest festival highlights was the production of the video projections for the oversized playing cards of the Carmen set design in cooperation with the English video designer Luke Halls. We also had the opportunity to showcase our work through producing the aerial photos with drone pilot & cameraman Alexander Kaiser in a specially scheduled shooting night.

The videos are simultaneously projected by multiple projectors using 3D mapping on the 30 square meter and 2.5-ton playing cards. For the design of the set itself, the British star designer Es Devlin was responsible.


The play on the lake 2019 awaits us yet again with a new exciting festival season and lots of exciting video and content from the Bregenz Floating Stage.


You can find our content at the following:
Bregenz Festival Official Youtube Channel
Bregenz Festival Press Lobby


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