In cooperation with IKP Vorarlberg, we have produced this year’s Film for the Opening Gala of the Austrian Federal Apprentice Competition of the Mechanical Engineering Profession.

The city of Bregenz, Vorarlberg was the host of the Austrian Federal Apprenticeship Competition 2018.

61 apprentices across six categories compete in the national showdown.
Our task was to document the competition with a camera team during the day in cooperation with IKP Vorarlberg. In the evening, an Opening Video was to be prepared and presented at the Opening Gala in the packed “Festspielhaus” (Festival Hall), sharing the happenings and experiences of the day to the participants’ relatives and guests from all over Austria.


This was not an easy task, considering that there were only two hours between wrap and the presentation of the video.

Nevertheless, thanks to the seamless cooperation with IKP Vorarlberg and the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, we were able to present our video at the Opening Gala.

Our congratulations go out to all the Vorarlberg apprentices that participated, securing their home advantage with three gold medals.


Contact for Film Production
Matthias Koenig
[email protected]
+43 5574 32032