Agency is an International Premier Google Partner

But what does this status actually mean and what are the benefits for us, and more importantly, our customers?

While the standard Google Partner certification is sufficient in the field of online marketing, the Premier Google Partner certification is what sets apart the experts from the amateurs. Being the highest achievable Google Marketing Standard, few agencies in Europe are honoured with the Premier Google Partner status.

To achieve and maintain this certification we must pass regular exams, uphold stringent requirements and continually participate in training to be experts of the search engine giant. Our dedication ensures that we promote and steadily expand our revenue growth, as well as the revenue growth of our customers.

Google awards two different official partnerships – Google Partners and Premier Google Partners. Google alone decides whether a partnership is awarded to an agency or not, and only those who fulfil all requirements may call themselves Google Partners. Similarly, the spend and effectiveness of the Google Ads accounts maintained are scrutinised. For example, a standard Google Partner must have invested at least $ 10,000 within 90 days, however a Google Premium Partner must have invested a significantly higher sum.

The benefits being of a Google Premium Partner

  • Certified Quality & Expertise

    Every day, Google reviews the quality of the management of Google Ads, and continuously holds training sessions and meetings with Account Managers to consistently maintain and improve the quality of its customer campaigns.

  • Constantly Up-to-Date

    Ads Account Managers are certified experts and must pass Google exams annually. Premier Google Partners are also the first to hear about new features of the system that can be used to improve the performance of your Ads campaign.

  • Premium Support

    Premier Google Partner Agencies have a direct line to Google itself, giving them the privilege of accessing a head office personal assistant. Thus, problems can be resolved faster, and campaigns optimized as efficiently as possible.

  • Reputable Agency with Good Sales Performance

    Not only the agency’s turnover, but also the turnover growth of the agency’s customer accounts must be above a given threshold. Anyone who invests heavily in Ads but achieves poor results has no chance of maintaining their Premier status. Google also analyses the growth of customer sales, customer loyalty and the increase of advertisers when assigning Premier Partner status.


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