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How much does a movie, an online campaign or a website cost?

The bobdo team strives to be particularly economical and useful with resources and budgets available to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible. In order to meet our customers' expectations 100% and to ensure that our customers succeed with our films and campaigns, we need qualified staff and professional technology. Both have their price, and as a result our services must have a price so that we can guarantee the desired quality.

How much is a film?

The most expensive Hollywood movie ever produced is "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" with a production budget of around € 400 million. In contrast, the most expensive commercial for a luxury resort in Macau, featuring actors like Robert de Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, that cost around $70 million, is a bargain.

So you definitely want to know how much our film production costs are, right?

1. Script / Concept

Contingent on scope and input of the customer.

from € 1,200

2. Half-Day Filming

The cost of a day of filming varies depending on project requirements, team size and equipment required. Half a day of filming with standard equipment starts at € 600.

from € 600

3. Extras / Voice Actors

The costs for actors / extras can range between € 300 and € 3,000 per day. It is similar with speakers as well. These range between € 600 to € 2,000.

from € 300

4. Post production

Editing, Animation, and Colour Grading. Postproduction costs also depend on the scope of the project. The price for an average day is € 1,200. Half an average day at € 600.

from € 600

5. Director / Project Manager

This position is not necessary for every production.

from € 1,500

These prices are given as a guideline and may vary depending on the project and number of orders. So, before you go to the trouble of adding up your costs, contact us to get a quote tailored to your needs.

AMP Web Development

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP project, which is supported by Google, was created as an open standard to improve the Internet for everyone. The project enables the creation of websites and ads that can be loaded uniformly fast, beautiful and powerful on mobile and desktop devices.

One Page Website with up to 5 sections

Sections include headers, features, content (text, image, video), tabs, gallery, slider, prices, testimonials, forms, contact, team, footer. Exclusive of Hosting & Content

from € 1,700

Each additional section

Sections include headers, features, content (text, image, video), tabs, gallery, slider, prices, testimonials, forms, contact, team, footer. Exclusive of Hosting & Content

from € 300

Corporate web design

A corporate design is the consistent visual appearance of the website.

On Request

Text Content

Our team of website content writers will be happy to assist you with providing relevant content for your website.

On Request

Image & Video Content

Our creative department produces the image and video content tailored to your company.

On Request

SEO & Google Ads

Do you find that it is not easy to locate your website using keywords relevant to your business on Google Search, or your competitors websites are easier to find and ranked higher in the search list?

Do your Google Ads campaigns not perform as well as they should?

Then use our complimentary initial consultation. As part of this initial consultation, you also get an additional SEO and a Google Ads Campaign Quick Analysis.

After the initial consultation, we will gladly prepare an individual action plan with suggestions for the Search Engine Optimization of your website, as well as the performance optimization of your Google Ads campaigns. With the action plan you will also receive an offer for the implementation of the recommended measures.

Want to work with us?

We are happy to advise you in-person and completely without obligation. Call us, send us an e-mail or come in for a coffee. We look forward to your enqiury.

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