bobdo in the Top 10 Google Marketing Providers in Europe!

MarkTech International ranks bobdo among the top 10 Google Marketing providers in Europe.


In October 2021, bobdo is now ranked among the 10 best Google marketing providers in Europe in the MarTech International ranking. We are delighted about this award. Read the article on the ranking below.

bobdo: Clarity meets Emotion

Nowadays, every company strives to market its products and services digitally. Caught in a fierce competition, companies use every platform to outdo each other without considering the specific needs and expectations of their target group. Some digital agencies promise to open up new revenue streams for their clients, but often fail to really connect them with the target group. This is because some agencies fail to formulate clear messages and fail to tell emotional stories in moving images.

Meet bobdo, an excellent, reliable and efficient full-service digital advertising agency. bobdo creates clear messages and emotional stories for your brands and products through storytelling that your target audience will love. Founded in 1997 as a web development company, bobdo does not fit into any of the previously known agency categories. Its origins lie neither in a traditional classical advertising agency nor in a new-fangled start-up digital agency. Since 2003, bobdo has been heavily invested in search engine optimisation and search engine marketing with Google AdWords (now Google Ads). Then in 2014 it became a full-service digital advertising agency by merging with a film production company.

We empower companies to create clear messages, tell emotional stories through film and make these stories visible on the web.

Ortwin Oberhauser, one of the two bobdo managing directors, attributes the company’s success to the patience and trust of numerous loyal customers. bobdo has been allowed to grow naturally and respond to the needs of its customers. In 1997, bobdo started developing websites, in 1999 the first eCommerce solutions and in 2001 the first international hotel booking system. “We had the privilege of learning by trial and error, because in the early days of the internet there was no best practice to follow,” notes Oberhauser. Today, bobdo covers almost all areas of advertising, online marketing, film production, web and app development for its clients. “We know that most entrepreneurs start a business to do what they do best – they are the experts in their industry,” explains Oberhauser. “As experts in our industry, we take care of our clients’ advertising and marketing needs so they can focus on their core business. By combining our full-service expertise with their industry expertise, we get ahead together.” Matthias König, Oberhauser’s counterpart, explains that bobdo starts every new client engagement with a workshop. The workshop helps the bobdo team understand the client’s business. In the workshop, the client answers a variety of questions about their business model, the market segment in which they are a leader or aspire to be a leader, the USP of their products and services, their future roadmap and the goals they want to achieve. The team also asks questions about their current brand messaging strategy, the storytelling of their brands and products, and how they already tell their stories with emotional images and videos. In short, the first workshop with bobdo helps the new client to reflect on themselves and get a feel for the status quo.

According to König, clients enjoy working with them because bobdo is very fast at implementing new ideas. In addition, the various bobdo departments and experts form a well-coordinated and motivated team. Moreover, almost everything that needs to be done is done in-house. To better illustrate the value proposition, Oberhauser draws the analogy of a team building a ship to take people from where they are to where they want to go. “We empower companies to create clear messages, tell emotional stories through film and make those stories visible on the internet,” he concludes. MT

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