WIGEM meets bobdo – the afterwork lounge in Bregenz

Bregenz Entrepreneur Networking


The WIGEM meets bobdo Afterwork Lounge took place on 28 April at the premises of the film & digital full-service advertising agency bobdo.com in the Seegalerie in Bregenz.

After-work lounge for invited entrepreneurs in Bregenz

The Afterwork Lounge offered an excellent networking opportunity for the invited entrepreneurs, members of WIGEM Bregenz. The bobdo.com location with an area of more than 500 sqm and a direct view of Lake Constance offered a perfect setting to make new contacts and enjoy the sunset. DJ Nic Feliciano managed to set the great mood with cool sounds.

Wine tasting at the Weinstein Finewine Bar

The modern vinotheque Weinstein Finewine surprised with an impressive selection of excellent international wines. Sebastian Spiegel presented his personal selection of wines typical of the region and international classics at an exclusive wine tasting in a cosy after-work atmosphere.

Cocktailerie with Hugo Bandeira

Hugo is not just any bartender – he’s the guy who could probably mix you a cocktail in his sleep. He has an instinctive sense of mixology and a passion for his craft that is evident behind the bar.

Hugo’s cocktails are definitely something special – they all tell little stories that you can tell your friends.

Innovative entrepreneurs

Bregenz as a business location needs innovative entrepreneurs who stick together, support, promote and advance each other.
WIGEM stands for cooperation between companies from different sectors in Bregenz. The members benefit from each other’s know-how and help each other in word and deed to achieve better results for their companies.

bobdo meets WIGEM

Bobdo.com was founded in Bregenz in 1997, both managing directors of bobdo.com, Victoria Oberhauser & Matthias König were born in Bregenz and come from Bregenz entrepreneurial families. In other words, Bobdo.com is a genuine Bregenz agency.


It is therefore important for bobdo.com to be part of the Bregenz business community and also to play an active role in strengthening cohesion among Bregenz tradespeople.

Bobdo.com was delighted to host the WIGEM meets Bobdo.com Afterwork Lounge at the bobdo.com office in the Seegalerie in Bregenz, and we hope all guests had a great time!

Guests at the event were: …..

Sagmeister Clemens, Salant Robert, Christina Egger, Niklas Keller, Kinz Hubert, Gunther Zimmermann, Buttazoni Lukas, Forstner Maximilian, Forstner Silvia, Golcyk Beate, Hagen Gerhard, Larissa Hairground, Jan Humpeler, Sebastian Spiegel, Heil Simon, Humpeler Carmela, Isele Marc, Kalb Theresa, Langeder Erich, Lau Alexander, Mostegl Dietmar, Muxel Caroline, Noistering Karin, Praeg Matthias, Rainer Florian, Reich Barbara, Reichart Alexander, Scholz Katja, Schreier Rebecca, Thanner Daniela, Vögel Robert, Vukojevic Lydia, Willam Angelika, Wolff Daniel, Wolfgang Petra, Wörz Michael, Zimmermann Martina and many more.