How companies must shift in the direction of mobile commerce


bobdo at the No. 1 conference for mobile marketing

Facebook, McDonalds, Mastercard, Google & Co!

And that is only a fraction of the companies and speakers represented at the mobile marketing innovation days 2019 in Vienna. Over the course of two days, there was a wealth of insights and know-how from digital and future experts on the topic of successful mobile commerce in the face of this rapidly growing market. Our bobdo web and creative team was represented at the #1 conference.


Mobile First

Almost 70% of users use their smartphone to get information, shop or consume social media channels. Companies and brands need to change their strategies to mobile first to reach consumers in the future.

Google AMP High-Performance Websites

56% of users bounce if the website takes longer than three seconds to load.

One thing could not be ignored at the mobile marketing innovation days. Whether from Google Hamburg itself or the BBC London. AMP websites are not only the future of modern and successful websites, but are already a reality in some areas.

A very high value of 56%, considering that only 3 of 44 analysed shops in Austria load in less than 5 seconds. bobdo has specialised in the development of high-performance AMP websites from the very beginning.

AMP websites and ads load consistently powerful, fast and beautiful on mobile and desktop devices as fast as an arrow.

Why is AMP important for your website?

Most users leave a website with a load time of over three seconds. AMP pages typically load under one second and provide a smooth and responsive experience on all devices, as well as desktop. So if visitors to your site can find what they’re looking for quickly without long load times, there’s little risk they’ll leave straight away to continue searching on other sites.
More sales through AMP sites?

With conventional webpages not developed with AMP, the loading time is on average over 20 seconds. Conversion rates drop by 7% for every additional second a webpage takes to load. This means that by converting your website to AMP technology, you can improve the conversion rate of your campaigns and thus maximise your sales.

Reaching target groups in the age of content overload

“Our audience loves visual content” – says Natalia Malinarich (BBC News Editor).

The BBC’s keynote about people’s smartphone user behaviour was exciting but also instructive for us. The average person looks at their smartphone more than 80 times a day. With today’s content overload, how can you reach your target group at all? The solution is

Cross-media visual content

Today, you can no longer reach your target group only via a target group-defined channel. The solution is different platforms and content based predominantly on video content. In this way, as many users as possible can be reached. The BBC uses or defines Facebook Watch Shows, Google AMP Stories, IGTV and YouTube as the most important channels to reach more than 80% of the target group under 35.

Google makes shopping uncomplicated

Open up new markets with the new Google Marketfinder & Youtube Bumper Ads

60% of Austrian mobile users between the ages of 18 and 34 do their research on Google before making a purchase (online or offline). Google is developing new tools almost daily to offer users an even easier shopping experience in the future. Google Lens and Google Pay are just the first steps towards the shopping of the future.

Plan to launch or promote your products or services in new markets. How do potential customers from France, Argentina or elsewhere in the world use the internet? What income is available for my products and how likely are they to be successful with them? The Market Finder can provide you with a first rough overview of this data. bobdo also provides international personal know-how with locations in Asia and Australia and partners in the USA, among others.

Youtube Bumper Ads

Bumper ads, a 6-second form of advertising on Youtube, offer companies with a comparably low budget a higher reach and thus increase or establish awareness or branding in new markets. Our own statistics show that bumper ads are the most successful form of advertising for our clients to establish themselves in new markets.

Example: Our People’s Bumper Ad Vienna

The mobile marketing innovation days, probably one of the best conferences for networking and know-how transfer in the digital age.